Besides being in awe of all things beautiful, we’re driven by an appetite for learning and sharing.

Our curiosity about design has no boundaries, yet we often find that the grass is greenest on our own side of the fence. The Italian design legacy is pretty amazing – and just waiting to be explored. So when we’re not working for our clients, we get involved in all sorts of projects that allow us to learn. And since learning is nothing without sharing, nearly every project comes with an open invitation. When and where will we you see next?

For Friends Not For Brands

Our first For Friends Not For Brands event was held back in 2018. Each one has a different theme, and is held at a different venue here in Rome. We’ve had expert speakers talking about everything from custom typography, to the efficiency of brand design, to the role of design in music. Follow us on our social channels to hear about the next event.

“A fertile encounter between generations, between worlds, between talents and dreams, new looks and simple irony. A moment full of meaning and beauty, capable of opening up new perspectives.”

Patrizia Boglione – Creative Director @Translated