The smallest design symposium ever?

We Meet Brands – Design Symposium is probably the smallest event in the world dedicated to brand design. On a bimonthly basis, all We Meet Branders gather around a table to share content, research, presentations and interviews related to brand and digital design, marketing and advertising in different product categories. It is an important opportunity for dialogue and comparison, which helps us to keep abreast of the ideas in circulation and the most effective thinking tools, both creative and strategic.

We studied with great curiosity the communication on video streaming services and food delivery, two booming industries that offered us excellent food for thought.

This simple initiative helps us to offer our customers a constantly fresh outlook, because a designer’s gaze must be able to go far beyond his or her screen: getting informed, being curious and having fun are important parts of professional growth. And the interplay between different market segments allows us to expand our possibilities even further. We do not like to think in a compartmentalised manner: a brand identity for a credit institution may inspire a fashion brand, a healthcare communication may inspire a fintech brand, and so on.

We are always looking for new ways to add beauty to the world around us and each of us is already gathering material for the next meeting.