We Meet Brands conquers Lago della Duchessa

We Meet Brands aims high, even with team building activities! On July 10, the studio set out for a day of hiking together. We chose to take on the Cartore Route, which traverses stunning landscapes and offers a captivating view of Lago della Duchessa. It was an authentic experience in many ways, even from the moment we arrived at the summit – we bought a wheel of cheese from a local shepherd and of course ate it straight away! Left with wonderful memories, and not just of cheese, the day taught is a lot about team spirit. When spending time exploring nature away from civilization, you might naturally seek the support of others, to cope with fatigue and to solve problems, big or small, that the route sets before you. It is the combination of insights, skills and qualities of individuals that helps to build stronger bonds within the team. 

We’ll do it again soon… just as soon as our legs stop hurting!