We have created “for friends not for brands”, a horizontal community to bring creative minds together

How many times have you been told not to talk to or take sweets from strangers? We have disobeyed, because we believe that it is precisely the people we do not yet know who have something new to tell us. And so we created For Friends Not For Brands, a series of meetings, conferences and workshops designed to facilitate connections between people and ideas. An event that will stimulate the creative community to look away from their screens and get out of the digital world to meet in a physical place, get to know each other, exchange new ideas, and promote and enhance the project culture in Italy. For Friends Not For Brands aims to be a horizontal community open to everyone: designers, young entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators and students. The place, made up of many places, in which to come into contact with an integrated design approach and a multidisciplinary way of thinking, capable of interpreting the real needs of citizens, organisations and businesses. Last but not least, it will be an opportunity to network, meet colleagues and future collaborators, but above all new friends. The project is independent and self-financing; we do it because it represents all the values we believe in. We hope to see many of you at the first conference: we already have the names of the speakers, but we do not want to give away any spoilers. Just one promise, there’ll be sweeties!