Unlimited Design Talks – Milan Design Week

In the effervescent and idea-rich climate of Design Week, the Bauer vocational training centre organised a series of talks and workshops for the Fuorisalone and opened it up to the public. Six days of meetings, activities, roundtables and workshops with schools: a significant contribution to the creative and innovative landscape of Milan. Bauer is a historical institution specialised in design and communication, training professionals in photography and the visual arts for over half a century. The exhibition was a valuable reminder of the importance of professional training and development in order to maintain the excellence that Italy, and particularly Milan boasts in the field of design. It was a pleasure to participate in the event and deliver a speech on a topic we care about: how to activate an inclusive and cooperative creative process to define effective communication strategies. For us, teamwork is everything. Bauer, we look forward to collaborating again in the future!