The We Meet Brands identity goes live (at last)

After digging deep to understand what makes our brand tick and turning that into a strategy, it was time to design our visual identity. What you see here on the website is its debut.

So what are the key ingredients of our brand? You can tell by our long spells of silence and the frequent laughter that we love what we do. But we’re not just eager. Each and every one of us is in awe of that illusive thing we call beauty. Our native city of Rome plays a part in this. It sets us some high standards for a start, but also shows us the role of beauty in a very imperfect world. Something that gives us a sense of purpose when shaping the identities of our clients.

At first we struggled to find the visual element that would set us apart in a relevant and memorable way. But then it came to us – this graphic device that trains the eye. Two circles set like a pair of lenses looking into the world. You’ll see them across our touch points. With film or still images, they lock onto what our brand is all about – the relentless pursuit of beauty.