IED Creative Days

Each year the IED organises orientation days for young people interested in its offer of training. Course presentations, workshops, meetings with teachers and alumni, on-site visits and one-to-one interviews. In short, these days are an opportunity to immerse in the creative atmosphere of the IED and clarify any doubts about future pathways. Our own Matteo Modena is among the teachers who welcomes the students and introduces them to the role of the designer by directly informing them of the nature of his work and then involving them in a design workshop. This is a crucial moment in the orientation phase; the opportunity for students to experience the practical side of design and to learn a ‘hands on’ approach is the best way to understand which course of study best suits their preferences, aptitudes and potential.

Thanks to this ‘project 0’ we are very proud to be able to witness the very first steps of tomorrow’s designers. Dedicating our time to help train and nurture the next generation is the best investment that we can make!