Branding for Misfits – Pi-Campus speech

Pi-Campus hosted Matteo Modena for a seminar dedicated to startup branding. Matteo and Simon Coe, strategist and close collaborator to We Meet Brands, explained the importance, for a newborn company, of understanding and knowing how to communicate its personality, one of the factors that will then make it recognisable on the market. The title of the talk was Branding for Misfits, but why “misfits”? Because the founders of these organisations are often people with a different outlook from everyone else, and therefore find it hard to conform to the stereotypes imposed by society. What can be seen as a “strangeness” is actually their most valuable resource, the starting point from which to build a successful brand (and business). It was nice to be able to discuss the topic with those directly involved and hopefully this networking opportunity brought new awareness and perhaps some ideas for the future.