We’re an Italian design studio that specialises in visual identity. We’re aware that the work we do makes a lasting impression, so we try hard to make it a good one. We design with clear intent, with honesty, and without noise. This helps your brand to simplify and enrich people’s lives, and the world becomes a more beautiful place for it.

We believe that great design beats everything

It looks beautiful, it feels right, and people enjoy interacting with your brand. There’s nothing better.

Except for great design that is on strategy

We’re talking about design work that actually does the job it is intended to do. That appeals to your audience, has the desired effect on them – and allows you to reach your objective.

But strategy only works if you do it first

Which is why we start every project by taking the time to understand your business, your brand and what it is you’re really trying to achieve. When we’re all clear, we start designing.


Brand Identity Design / Digital Product Design / Editorial & Publication Design / UX & UI / Corporate Reporting / Packaging / Copywriting / Digital Development / Motion Design

Brand Strategy / Purpose / Positioning / Promise / Tone of Voice / Research / Analysis / Architecture / Naming



Allelica / Antica Erboristeria / Anica / APA Associazione Produttori Audiovisivi / Arsity / Ciaopeople Media Group / Cinecittà / Cookist / Dotcampus / Facebook Italia / Fanpage / Filo / Flipper Music / Forme Web TV / Generator Hostels / Giunti Editore / Herbatint / Intermedia Gruppo Caltagirone / IOM International Organization for Migration / iQOS / Isola del Cinema / MIA International Audiovisual Market / MiC Italian Ministry of Culture / Modularte / MVA Marzotto Venture Accelerator / Phygiwork / Realthings / Side Asset Management / Tata / TEDx Luiss / Voxloud / Wave Market Fair / Yakkyofy / Yeldo / Youlike


Leonardo Coppola
CEO @Voxloud
"Working with the We Meet Brands team was simple as well as exciting from many points of view. In particular, I would say they have great problem solving skills, and they really know how to tackle a tricky discussion.”
Giorgio Sadolfo
CEO @Filo
"We have entrusted the We Meet Brands team with the strategic and creative definition of our products, and never looked back. Over time they have become our point of reference in for design, branding and user experience. A reliable partner, always available and ready to listen.”
Giovanna Ridenti
CEO @Marimo Agency
"We Meet Brands? We’ve been working together for 10 years. We’re in love with them. What more can I say?"
Paola Brizi
Co-Founder @Arsity
"From the very beginning, they understood our specific challenges as a startup, and were able to adapt and keep up as we were evolving. Every time we encountered a critical issue they said, 'Don’t worry, we’ll find a solution together'. We soon realised that having them as partners is a real business advantage."
Carlo Saccone
CTO @Yeldo
"Working on a project with We Meet Brands ensures synergy. Both the people and their technical abilities set high standards. We were struck by their nat-ural ability to build a design that tells our story – because a brand is not just graphics, but also ideas, culture, and narrative.”
Francesco Ceccherelli
CCO @Tata
"We Meet Brands never stopped trying to raise the bar. We wanted to communicate spontaneous love and interaction between parents and children – while still focusing on the product. We think this was solved in a clever and fun way. We are very excited about the launch of the brand and the way it is being received by the market."
Andrea De Luca
Head of Design @Ciaopeople Media Group
"Our relationship with We Meet Brands is quite special. We have successfully outsourced our ongoing operations to them – they are the people inside the Ciao People Design Team. It’s a collaboration that brings us very high quality results."
Serena Stoppoloni
Sales and Marketing Director @Antica Erboristeria
"It’s a real pleasure to work with them. Their creativity and sense of aesthetics is outstanding, and the way they interpret our needs is always relevant and incisive. Over the years they’ve become an extension of our own team – we trust them emphatically."
Massimiliano Tomassi
Presidente Famiglie GNAO1
"When we met we didn’t have a clear idea of where we going. But We Meet Brands listened to us, they studied our case, and understood what we needed to communicate. Then they figured out the best way to convey the message. They worked tirelessly, welcoming all our feedback – so much so that today we feel like one team."
Neri Lorenzetto Bologna
BIM Manager, Coordinator & MEP Specialist @2Dto6D
"We turned to We Meet Brands to redesign our brand identity. The design system they delivered was a pleasure to behold. But what surprised us was how easy it was to work with. We’re now able to put the design system to work across all of our communication in a way we never imagined."
Giordano Botta
CEO @Allelica
"Their ability to understand us, and provide what we really needed to build our brand, surprised us straight away. We see Matteo and the whole team as partners – fundamental to the development of Allelica in the international markets where we operate. Their creative and operational support is unparalleled."
The team
Emanuele Barone
Design Director
Arianna Cesari
Eleonora Capodiferro
Simon Coe
Brand Strategist
Raffaele Di Ruzza
Ugo Eleuteri
Financial Accountant
Roberta Farese
Coo & Co-Founder
Fabio Folgori
Frontend Developer
Matteo Mastromoro
Matteo Modena
CEO & Co-Founder
Lorenzo Morelli
Federico Perla
Laura Pira
Marta Policastri
Valerio Stancati
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